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Kruta National Park

It is an area of almost triangular shape that is bounded by the Kruta River. The Coco River on one side, the Caribbean Sea on the other. It is located in the department of Gracias a Dios, in the extreme eastern part of the country.

It is a savanna formed at sea level that remains flooded most of the year as well as a series of channels that communicate the Kruta River with the neighboring lagoon and the Coco River. The beaches between the mouth of the Kruta River and the Coco River are included.

Known for its importance as nesting areas for four species of sea turtles, along the banks of the Kruta River and the Coco River, there is a strip of tropical humid forest known also as gallery forest that is home to all kinds of flora and fauna. jungle fauna.

The manatee that lives at the mouth of both rivers and their channels has been identified. The Puerto Lempira area is reached by crossing the Caratasca lagoon by boat and then on foot along the beach, or by cayuco through the canals that cross the reserve. Small Miskito hamlets are located on the banks of the Kruta River and along the beach. The area is estimated at around 500 km2.