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Sierra de Agalta National Park

Located north of Catacamas, department of Olancho. Sierra de Agalta is within the municipalities of Dulce Nombre de Culmí, San Esteban, Gualaco, Santa María del Real and Catacamas. The Park has an area of 655.0 km2 and is managed by the Forest Conservation Institute.

The Sierra de Agalta National Park , has innumerable streams that go down its slopes forming different waterfalls such as those of Babilonia in Gualaco, which can be seen from the road that leads to Trujillo.

It is the largest, highest and most famous cloud forest in Olancho, at the same time, it is the most eastern forest of this type in the country, almost isolated from the others, which suggests a different flora and fauna, perhaps the most extraordinary of the cloud forests.

Access to its highest parts is known to few people. Its fauna is typical: quetzal, tapir, goldfinch, monkeys, wild pig, tilopo deer, green toucan and among the poisonous snakes timbos, eyelash tamagás, yellow beard and corals have been reported.

The highest point is Cerro Babilonia with 2,354 meters above sea level, the Park has 39 km2 of untouchable area above 1800 meters. Agalta means “Carrizal”, Near the Park is (the Susmay Caves), archaeological sites (Cueva de Talgua).