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Biography of Carlos Mauricio Portillo

Carlos Mauricio Portillo was born in the department of Copán on April 15, 1972. He is married and has four children.

He is a lawyer graduated from the Technological University of Honduras (UTH), with a technical background in computer science, and certified in Human Rights training (UTH).

He also has training in conflict management and resolution (City Council of Girona, Spain), as well as threat and risk management (INCAE).

He is a computer technician (Advanced Computer Technical Institute), specializing in communications from the Military Communications School, a non-commissioned officer in the Honduran army with 11 years of service, a certified instructor (PEPSICO DE MÉXICO), and a training administrator (CAIPU) certified by the Army Military Training Center (CAME).

Among the positions he has held, he includes: General Manager of BIP. SECURITY. (2015 to present), Director of Security (October 2012 to 2015), Operations Manager at G4S (WEAKENHUT) G4S, Andrews International USA (GILDAN HONDURAS).

He also worked in the state consortium (Caritas International, Girona City Council, Girona Provincial Council, Bishopric, Red Cross) in Girona, Spain.

He has also served as the Security Manager of Banco Capital, Security Manager of Aguazul, and Security Coordinator at Embotelladora de Sula (PEPSI).

Among his other professional achievements, he conducted security audits for the Republic of El Salvador and held positions at Scotiabank in El Salvador at a national level and Banco Agrícola at a national level, at Comalapa International Airport in San Salvador, conducted security audits for the entire operation of G4S company in El Salvador, covering 114 clients, 650 posts, and 987 security officers.

In terms of further training, he highlights his training at INCASI (Institute of Integral Security Training) in operation planning for kidnapping prevention.

He has also provided security training to various companies such as the Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Cortés, the Fire Department, certified brigadier, and managerial alignment at CANATURH, San Pedro Sula chapter.