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Biography of Enrique Aguilar Cerrato

He was born in Pespire (1931). He is a medical doctor, specialized in Otorhinolaryngology. He served as a Deputy in the National Congress for the Innovation and Unity Party (founded in 1970) and as Minister of Public Health, where he implemented a national, regional, and local healthcare system that gained attention and admiration from international health authorities.

He is a professor at the Faculty of Medical Sciences of UNAH and is renowned as a scientist and researcher, as well as an efficient administrator. In 1987, the political integration of PINU with the Social Democratic Party (which was then being formed) took place, resulting in the creation of the Innovation and Social Democratic Unity Party. He ran as a presidential candidate for this political institute in the November 1989 elections, receiving 33,952 votes. His opponents consider him a center-left politician with strong tendencies in favor of a profound reform of Honduran society.