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Biography of Jose Alfredo Saavedra Paz

José Alfredo Saavedra Paz, born in the Valle Department on December 4, 1964, is a Honduran lawyer and politician, and a member of the Liberal Party of Honduras. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Legal and Social Sciences and is a livestock entrepreneur in the southern region of Honduras.

He entered politics as a representative of the Valle Department, and later became the President of the National Congress of Honduras from June 28, 2009, until January 25, 2010. During this time, the former president of the congress, Mr. Roberto Micheletti, assumed the administration of the country on June 28, 2009, during the so-called “Constitutional Crisis of Honduras” and the forced removal of President Manuel Zelaya.

He served as a representative for the Valle Department in the National Congress.

He served as the President of the National Congress.