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Biography of Lempira Viana Mora

Lempira Viana Mora is a unique politician, not only because of his name that commemorates the indigenous chief, but also because he promotes his party from the northern region of the country, specifically from San Pedro Sula.

He is the founder and presidential candidate of the Democratic Liberation Party of Honduras (Liderh). He is an economist with a specialization in finance, a former university professor, and currently a council member of the Municipality of San Pedro Sula.

He also worked in the banking system for over a decade and is currently a business advisor.

Viana Mora was previously affiliated with the Liberal Party and the Patriotic Alliance, through which he obtained his current position as a council member in the city of San Pedro Sula.

He first sought to be a presidential candidate for the Liberal Party when he ran in the primary elections for 2013 with the movement called Catracho, although he ultimately did not succeed in his goal.

He then attempted to register his party Liderh in 2016 to participate in the previous presidential elections, but it was rejected by the then Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE).

In those elections, he ran for the mayorship of San Pedro Sula under the banner of the Patriotic Alliance of Honduras (APH), achieving a significant number of votes that allowed him to become a council member of the Municipal Corporation of the second most important city in the country.

Now he promotes his party Liderh as the “first party of the North Coast of Honduras,” headquartered in San Pedro Sula, differentiating it from other parties that are based in Tegucigalpa, the political capital of the country.

He has indicated that several members of the Patriotic Alliance accompany him on this new journey, now recognized and registered by the new National Electoral Council (CNE).

His proposal includes the construction of a hospital per department, as well as the fight against corruption.