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Biography of Manuel F. Barahona

He was born in Yojoa (1873) and died in San Pedro Sula (1961). A lawyer and state professor, he obtained this title at the University of Santiago, Chile, along with Luis Landa, Pedro P. Amaya, and Carlos Lagos.

He served as the Director General of Primary Education, Sub-Director of the National Institute, Director of the Central Normal School for Boys, Deputy to the National Congress and the Constituent National Assembly of 1907, Deputy for Honduras to the Central American Constituent Assembly in 1921. He was also the Head of the Honduran Legation in Guatemala from 1908 to 1911, a member and President of the Central American International Office based in Guatemala, a Magistrate of the Supreme Court of Justice, a candidate for alternate Councilor to the government of the Republic of Central America in 1921, and a director of newspapers and magazines.

He authored “Political Panorama of Honduras” (1948). He was a founding member of the Chamber of Commerce of San Pedro Sula and negotiated commercial treaties between Honduras, England, and Belgium, as well as an Arbitration Treaty with Brazil.