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Biography of Miguel Andonie Fernandez

He was born in Gualala, Santa Bárbara (1921). He was a pharmaceutical entrepreneur and politician, gaining prominence during the Honduras-El Salvador conflict in 1969, where he was responsible for coordinating the Defense Committees at the national level, known as the Civic Committee for National Defense.

His effective role in the committees made him known nationwide. He founded the Innovation and Unity Party (PINU) in 1970, positioning it in the center of the political spectrum, comprising elements from the middle sectors interested in reforming the country’s socio-economic situation, which became evident after the war with the neighboring country.

Although he requested legal registration for PINU in 1970, it was not until 1979 that the party was officially recognized by the state. In the elections for deputies to the National Constituent Assembly held in April 1980, PINU obtained 3.65% of the votes. In the presidential elections of 1981, his party nominated him as a candidate, outlining his government plan in the Gualala Proclamation.

However, PINU’s electoral support diminished on this occasion, with only 2.5% of the votes. Currently, his influence within PINU-SD has decreased, either due to ideological discrepancies or a voluntary decision to give opportunities to new leaders.