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Biography of Rafael Coello Ramos

Rafael Coello Ramos was a Honduran musician and composer.

He was born in the city of Comayagüela in 1877 and passed away in Tegucigalpa, M.D.C. in 1967. His parents were Mr. Froylán Ramos and Mrs. Leonarda Coello.

He was the founder of the Verdi Orchestra.

He played instruments such as piano, violin, and guitar, which he easily learned to play thanks to his father, Mr. Froylán Ramos, who was also a recognized musician.

He was a music education teacher for almost five decades during which he dedicated himself to teaching music in Honduras.

Among his compositions are numerous songs and national anthems, and he also made versions of several international songs.

Maestro Coello Ramos was recognized and awarded by various governments and individuals. He received the “Culture” award from the government of Dr. Juan Manuel Gálvez.

In the government of Dr. Ramón Villeda Morales, he was honored with the Order of Francisco Morazán.

And in the administration of Oswaldo López Arellano, he deserved the Manuel Bonilla Medal.

Mr. Juan Doborow, a German citizen, became interested in promoting the music of Maestro Coello Ramos, and as a result, the Symphony Orchestra of the Víctor company recorded several waltzes and hymns, such as the “Himno a la Madre” (Mother’s Hymn) with lyrics by poet Augusto C. Coello, and the “Himno al Pino” (Pine Tree Hymn) with lyrics by poet Luis Andrés Zúñiga.

Works by Rafael Coello Ramos

  • Mother’s Hymn
  • Pine Tree Hymn
  • Hymn to José Cecilio del Valle
  • Hymn to Father Reyes
  • To Gutemberg
  • National Mourning (In Memory of General Manuel Bonilla)
  • Ave Maria (Coello’s Version)
  • Vexilla Regis (Coello’s Version)
  • Populeus Meus (Coello’s Version)
  • Pater mi (Coello’s Version)
  • Let’s Worship God
  • The Tiger Island
  • The “Pan-American Union” March
  • Pearl Waterfalls
  • Flight of Eagles