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Hymn to Christopher Columbus

Lyrics: Ciriaco de Jesús Alas
Music: Carlos A. Ismedia

Eternal praise to the bold navigator
that an unknown path crossed
and in his ship sublime and triumphant,
said fiat and a world formed

Between foams of two oceans
that dominates a very high mountain range,
separated was a land
of the peoples of the eastern world.

Just a man that God has inspired
the existence of him recondite knows
only that man holds the key
to make way for him in the sea.

Nothing fears that selfless sage
because he understands that there is very little left
to see his crazy delusions
converted into faithful reality.

And so it was when everyone did
to the tenacious Genoese raw war,
a sailor shouted land, land
and the virgin floated, on the sea