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The Mayan World Today – The Mayan Civilization

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Within the Maya Region, areas of high tourist development traditionally generate a significant flow of visitors to other nearby attractions that are less known or have lesser natural or cultural interest. In the north, for example, Cancun serves as the main gateway to the archaeological sites of Quintana Roo.

In Belize, tourists who visit the beaches and coral reefs often extend their visits to archaeological sites of interest. The primary focus of tourist activity is concentrated in Tikal, Guatemala, and Copan, Honduras, and extends to other sites of colonial and natural interest.

Each year, as new archaeological sites are discovered, new tourist circuits are added to the traditional routes, offering visitors new perspectives and understanding of the Maya World. Furthermore, there are around 300 protected areas that offer all types of attractions compatible with cultural, natural, and adventure tourism interests. Many of these archaeological sites are located within or near these protected areas. The region’s potential fully satisfies the expectations of this type of tourist.

Recognizing the region’s great potential for sustainable tourism and the importance of its Maya heritage, the countries have integrated their heritage into a project that offers multiple products in different destinations, all within the Maya World.

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