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The Ruins Will Reborn | Tales and Legends of Honduras

The Mayan Culture has had a strong influence on the culture of our country, and since its ruins were discovered in Copán by Colonel Juan Galindo , in an expedition from Guatemala in 1834, we are intrigued by everything related to this ancient culture that disappeared. under a cloak of mystery in our country.

The Ruins Will Reborn

Traditions affirm that in the first years of the founding of the town of Copán Ruinas, a peasant who lived by hunting and fishing settled, one rainy night he went out to explore those lush regions, protected by his weapons and a carbide lamp When he reached the banks of the Copán River, he heard strange voices calling him, he directed the light of his lamp towards the top of some nearby rocks, and he observed the beautiful body of a woman dressed in white and with long hair that covered him. a part of his face.

He was surprised by the presence of that strange woman. He immediately asked: Who are you? What are you doing on these lonely rocks? What’s your name and where do you live? She replied: «I am a Mayan princess, and with the permission of our gods I visited these places, with the condition of not having relations with men, my parents were good rulers with the people, they worked day and night, for the beautification of Our city, building monuments that have not been destroyed by the wrath of time or the mysteries of the jungle, never took a slave to the Stone of Sacrifices, did not allow blood to run down the face of a slave condemned to death, or they witnessed the tears and cries of a mother who begged on her knees for the forgiveness of a beloved son who was condemned to die by the wrath of the gods.

For this way of governing we were condemned to live in the form of snakes inside these rocks, we are already tired of suffering this punishment, and I am ready to go against their will, I beg you to take me tomorrow morning at church wrapped in a mat, but no one notices, upon receiving the blessings of the priest, our punishment will end and the ruins will be transformed into a city, you will be a new prince of the Mayans.

The hunter accepted the princess’s proposals; However, when they were crossing the streets of Copán Ruinas, they were chased by a crowd that tried to find out the contents of the mat.On the threshold of the church they rotated the mat, and at that moment a huge snake appeared that sank into the heart of the lands of Copán Ruinas.

Traditions assure that the day the curse is lifted our Honduras will have a new Mayan City.

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