September 17 – Honduran Teacher’s Day

Song – La Granadera

By: Rómulo E. Duron

Already seen, my Homeland in your East
a new sun spreads clarity,
now we can with reverent voice
pronounce: God, Unity, Liberty.

Your life and destiny will change now,
your children will be one
there will no longer be a war to death among them;
and Excellencies; happy, they will cultivate your well-being!

You will be able to achieve pure glory,
the relentless dream of your heroes
and the laurel in your splendid history
will be a sign of triumph and peace.

Excellence; Hail, Homeland! Your beautiful flag
waves in the wind, with the color of the sky,
Under its shadow, we swear everywhere
Excellence; To conquer or die for your honor!

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