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March 14 – Honduran Sportsman’s Day

In Honduras, the 14th of March each year is celebrated as Honduran Athlete’s Day to commemorate Honduran athletes who have brought glory and fame to Honduras.

The celebration of the “Honduran Athlete’s Day” was first established on March 14, 1948, by the government of Dr. Tiburcio Carías Andino through decree number 76 in the National Congress in 1948. Since then, the date is remembered every year, in memory of the great figures of local and national sports.

Since then, it has been celebrated amidst successes and failures, between pride and disappointment, but always with the constant struggle of all athletes to elevate the name of Honduras.

Despite economic limitations, athletes in Honduras, with great effort and dedication, have managed to bring glory and honor to our nation.


The National Congress:

Considering: That the president of the Republic, General Tiburcio Carías Andino, has at all times given his support to national sports, always encouraging Honduran athletes.

Therefore Decrees:

Art. 1o.- Declare March 14 of each year as “Athlete’s Day”

Art. 2o.- Create the sports decoration that perpetuates the declaration made in the previous article.

Given in Tegucigalpa, D.C. in the session room, on the fifth day of March in the year nineteen forty-eight.