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September 28 – Arrival of the Declaration of Independence

Every September 28th, Honduras commemorates the arrival of the independence documents. To learn about their history and see some of the drafted documents, follow the following links:


Early in the morning on September 28, 1821, urgent messengers arrived on horseback in the towns of Comayagua and Tegucigalpa. News from Guatemala was expected, and the atmosphere had been prepared for the arrival of the sealed documents brought by these messengers.

Perhaps the most important documents for Central America, the Independence Documents, contained the Act of Independence and manifestos from the National Palace of Guatemala to all the municipalities of the provinces of Honduras.

These documents were drafted and signed on September 15, 1821, but it took 14 days for them to reach the cities of Comayagua and Tegucigalpa. After the signing of the Act of Independence in the current city of Guatemala, news of our independence was not known until September 28 of the same year.

That is why in Honduras, the arrival of the Independence Documents is celebrated every September 28th. In the words of “Sabio Valle,” “If we want Central America, our worthy homeland, to be an independent, free, and happy nation, it is necessary that we make all the sacrifices that independence requires.”