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Municipality of Guinope

It is a municipality in the Department of El Paraíso, in the Republic of Honduras.

It was founded in 1700 under the jurisdiction of San Antonio de Oriente. It was designated as a municipality in 1821, and when the department of El Paraíso was created in 1865, it became part of it.

General Information about Güinope

Origin of its name: It means “In the water of the doves” in Mesoamerican language.

  • Territorial area: 200.55 km2
  • Population: 7,796 inhabitants (2012)
  • Date of creation: May 16, 1821
  • Patron saint fair: May 15, feast day of San Isidro; and on February 20, the orange festival is celebrated.
  • Villages and hamlets: 11 villages and 49 hamlets.
  • Altitude: 600 meters above sea level.

Main Economic Activity

Cultivation of basic grains, sugarcane, and citrus fruits; breeding of cattle, horses, and pigs; poultry farming.


  • Health: 1 CESAMO (Municipal Health Care Center).
  • Education: 24 primary schools and 1 secondary school.
  • Transportation: Buses that cover the route from the Tegucigalpa terminal along the eastern highway, diverting at the height of El Zamorano.
  • Communication network: All-weather road, Hondutel telephone service, and mobile phone coverage.


It is located in a plateau, surrounded by the mountains Las Moras and Zapotillo.


  • North: municipality of San Antonio de Oriente (Francisco Morazán);
  • South: municipality of San Lucas;
  • East: municipalities of Oropolí and Yuscarán;
  • West: municipality of Maraita (Francisco Morazán).