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Municipality of La Libertad

La Libertad is a municipality in the department of Comayagua in Honduras.

The origin of the name given to the municipality, La Libertad, comes from the positivism of the inhabitants in the 19th century.

This municipality was founded by families from the former municipality of Ojos de Agua, in the same department. They settled in a city now known as Libertad Vieja, one kilometer from Ojos de Agua. These families moved for security reasons. They took the name Portillo de la Ensenada.

It received the status of municipality in 1876. Additionally, the inhabitants decided to change the name to the one we now know, La Libertad. In 1917, they decided to make La Libertad the head of the municipality.


The municipality is located in the central north of the Comayagua department, bordering almost with the Yoro department. The Humuya River, mostly located in the Comayagua department, runs through the center. It is also situated in the narrowness of the cold river.


La Libertad has exactly 11 villages and 115 hamlets as of 2009. The municipal seat, La Libertad, is located at the southwest end of the municipality.