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Enjoy an archaeological journey in Copan Ruinas

Our country, Honduras, is world famous for its archeology, particularly for the Mayan Culture in the Copán Department located near the border with the country of Guatemala.

The Mayan Culture was the only pre-Hispanic culture to have a perfect writing system and such a precise calendar, which was capable of predicting both solar and lunar eclipses and studying the movements of Venus and Saturn.

They were also the first in America to use zero in their mathematical calculations. In its heyday, from 300 to 900 AD, its domains spanned hundreds of cities, leaving impressive archaeological sites as glorious testimony to its past.

Enjoy an archaeological journey in Copan Ruinas

Copan Ruinas

The ruins at Copán are some of the most visited in Honduras with 100,000 visitors a year. Its grace and beauty emanate a deep historical sense. Nearby, there are other archaeological sites visited for having natural beauty, which includes forests full of birds, one of them are the Verapaces Forests, rivers with hot springs, and traditional villages hidden behind the mountains.

It houses 3,000 pieces of sculpture. Among them is the impressive life-scale replica of the Rosa Lila Temple , discovered under Structure 16 in perfect condition, and which gives visitors a very clear idea of what Copán looked like during its era of splendor. Other important exhibits are the façade of the Ball Court, Las Estelas and El Altar Q, all of which are original.

Places of tourist interest

The Entrance

Located at the junction of the highways that connect San Pedro Sula with Copán and Nueva Ocotepeque. It is the best way to get to the Archaeological Park

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