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Enjoy the Colonial city of Trujillo

The city of Trujillo became one of the first capitals of the new world, with an important economic activity, which attracted English pirates to the area. It was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1502. The Fortress of Santa Bárbara , of which vestiges remain, was built to protect the Spanish heritage in the area, and in fact remained open until after the capture and execution of William Walker, the American filibuster who came to seek adventure in Central America.

Another important factor in the development of Trujillo was the arrival of Garífunas, who settled on the shores of the bay. Around this community you can find a number of attractions. To the south of the town you can find the Cuyamel Caverns, where archaeologists have found vestiges of pre-Columbian cultures.

Enjoy the Colonial city of Trujillo

How to get to Trujillo?

You can get to Trujillo by bus, car or plane. Now it is possible to travel by car from Tegucigalpa to Trujillo via highway through the department of Olancho in just 5 hours through the Agricultural Corridor .

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What to do in Trujillo?

Approximately 14 km from Trujillo, via a dirt road, you will reach the town of Santa Fe, a Garífuna community established on one of the most beautiful virgin beaches in the world. On the way, you will pass in front of the Campamento hotel and restaurant, a pleasant establishment where you can enjoy a paradisiacal beach with excellent food and in a rustic setting with all modern comforts.

There are a couple of good restaurants in Santa Fe, one, called El Caballero, or known in English as “Pete’s Place” offers fresh fish that is difficult to match on the entire north coast of Honduras. If we continue along the highway, we will reach the town of Guadalupe, where excellent Garífuna artisans live. Another point of interest is the Laguna de Guaimoreto , an exceptional place to observe birds in a totally natural environment. In the vicinity of the lagoon is the Hacienda el Tumbador, where lizards are raised.

A short distance from the entrance to the Laguna de Guaimoreto, on the road that leads from Trujillo to Puerto Castilla, there is a cozy little hotel called Casa Kiwi. This hotel is on the beach and offers a variety of accommodation options: from private rooms to group dormitories.

Capiro and fever

The Capiro y Calentura National Park offers an extraordinary natural environment for walking through the forest and swimming in the hot springs. Fucagua , a non-profit environmental foundation, is coordinating the development and preservation of the park. They have a visitor center and offer guided walks through the park. Where you can enjoy beautiful views from the park.

Just about 8 km from Trujillo, in the community of Silin there are some hot springs that have a small and comfortable hotel. Here there are various services that include thermal water pools, as well as massages.

Castilla port

At the other end of this beautiful bay is Puerto Castilla, a port with modern facilities to which multiple vessels arrive to bring and carry goods. On Trujillo beach there are a multitude of “champas” where families and tourists can eat.

Where to stay in Trujillo?

For those romantics, a dinner at the Hotel Villas Brinkley can’t be beat. They also offer a good breakfast with the best view of Trujillo. If you want to be treated like king for a few days, we recommend the new Christopher Columbus hotel , located on the beach next to the airport.

Trujillo Hotels

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  • Blue Bay
  • Banana Beach Resort
  • Cabins, Hotel and Restaurant Camp
  • Capiro Bay Hotel
  • House Germany
  • Hotel Camp
  • Hotel Canadien
  • Hotel Coco Pando
  • Hotel Casa Del Arbol Galleries
  • Emperador Hotel and Cafe
  • Hotel Plaza Centro
  • Hotel Palma Real
  • La Quinta Bay Hotel
  • O’Glynn Hotel
  • Tranquility Bay Beach Retreat
  • Trujillo Beach Eco Resort
  • Villa Colonial Brinkley