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Tourism in Jeannette Kawas Park (Punta Sal)

At the western end of Tela Bay is Jeannette Kawas National Park . It takes its name from a great environmental activist who gave her life fighting for the conservation of this beautiful natural area. The park is one of the most important in Honduras considering its size and biodiversity.

The small bays that are part of this peninsula served as a refuge for some of the most famous pirates in the Caribbean. Likewise, the peninsula forms a natural barrier that protects the beautiful Bahía de Tela from the storms that come from the north. The park has two well-defined distinct areas: the peninsula and the lagoon.

Tourism in the Jeannette Kawas Park (Punta SAL)

The peninsula

The Peninsula is only accessible by sea, and today a symbolic fee of Lps is charged. 30.00 upon arrival at the park, which is administered by the Fundación Ecologista PROLANSATE. In Tela there are several operators who with motor boats make the trip in about an hour, to later get to know the natural beauty of this park.

Visitors are presented with an enchanting landscape: beautiful white sand beaches, an exotic and lush jungle and an attractive coral reef inhabited by multicolored tropical fish. In addition, during the excursion, it is very easy to have an exciting encounter with animals such as dolphins, monkeys and many species of birds, turning your walk into an unforgettable ecological adventure.

Laguna de los Micos

The Laguna de los Micos is the part of the park most populated by birds. During the summer, more than 350 species of birds have been identified. It is also inhabited by monkeys, turtles, lizards, and many other animals.

The lagoon is surrounded by an extensive mangrove forest, forming channels and keys where other species of tropical trees and plants also grow. To the east, the lagoon is separated from the Caribbean Sea by a narrow bar of white sand, forming an extensive beach.

Garifuna Village of Miami

The Garifuna village of Miami is built precisely on this bar. This village is a true cultural heritage where it is possible to see and live with the Garífuna people, who build their houses of manaja and cane brava, preserving their centuries-old traditions. This combination makes Punta Sal a must for nature lovers.

Although there are several operators and individuals who can take you by boat to the Punta Sal National Park, we recommend that you make your trip with Garífuna Tours, whose offices are almost in front of the central park of Tela. Your excursion will be a success as this tour operator is extremely professional.


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