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Consular Tariff of Costa Rica


  1. For certification of registration in the consular registry: FREE
  2. For issuing a certificate of survival (that a person is alive): $10
  3. For certificates regarding national or residence laws and practices: $40
  4. Translations:
    • a) For the translation of any document into Spanish, for each page: $30
    • b) For the translation into Spanish of study documents, for each page. $15
    • c) For the approval of translations if they are done outside the consular office, for each page: $10
  5. For the diligence of any act outside the office:
    • a) per hour: $30
    • b) per day: $200

    NOTE: The bank receipt of payment for the corresponding amount will be attached to the respective document or act. If the consular officer had to leave the town where he resides, he will also charge travel expenses.

  6. For the consular certification of a resident abroad to be used under Law No. 3348, of August 7, 1964 (Form. 08-SC): $20
  7. For the swearing in of university graduates or similar, required by higher education institutions: FREE
  8. For the annual registration in the consular offices of signatures of representatives of companies or companies authorized to sign company documents: $50
  9. For any certification or statement not specified in this section: $40


  1. For the registration of births, marriages or deaths or for any other annotation related to the civil status of Costa Rican citizens: FREE
  2. For any certification of birth registration, marital status or death of Costa Rican citizens: Exonerated
  3. For the processing and delivery of identity cards to Costa Ricans: Exonerated
  4. For the authentication of the signature of the consular official on the birth certificates of Costa Ricans born abroad when the registration of their birth is made after the age of 10 (article 24 of the Regulations of the Organic Law of the Supreme Court of Elections and of the Civil Registry): Exonerated
  5. For authenticating, translating or approving the translation of any Costa Rican document for submission to the Civil Registry: Exonerated


  1. For the issuance of ordinary digital passport: $57
  2. For the consular passport issuance: $31
  3. For the issuance of safe-conduct for a trip and only for Costa Ricans, for humanitarian reasons, especially in cases of repatriation and deportation, at the discretion of the consular agent, in accordance with article 84, subsection 3) of the Organic Law of the Consular Service, Law No. 46 of July 7, 1925. Exonerated
  4. For the issuance of booklet or sheet safe-conduct: $31
  5. For passport revalidation: $2
  6. For the granting of diplomatic and official visas, previously authorized by the General Directorate of Foreign Service: FREE
  7. For the granting of diplomatic and official visas, previously authorized by the General Directorate of Foreign Service: FREE
  8. For the granting of consular visas: $30
  9. For the granting of visas consulted and authorized by the General Directorate of Migration and Immigration: $50
  10. For the granting of multiple visas when authorized by the General Directorate of Migration and Immigration: $100


  1. For protocol-type notarial acts (Acts carried out by means of a public deed granted in the Consular Notary Protocol, in accordance with current notarial legislation): $132.07
  2. For extra-protocol notarial acts: (For any certificate or declaration in his capacity as a notary public, certification of copies, second testimony, authentication of signatures placed in his presence): $66.03 </ li>


  1. For the legalization of signatures of national or foreign authorities previously registered at the consular office: $40 NOTE: The concept of authorities includes not only judicial, commercial, governmental, and administrative authorities, but also academic, faculty, and notaries.
  2. For the legalization of documents for the completion, continuation or validation of studies or titles:
    • a) Foreign students: $15
    • b) Costa Rican students: $10
    • c) Costa Rican scholarship recipients: FREENOTE: Costa Rican scholarship recipients must reliably demonstrate said condition
  3. For the authentication of a power of attorney for the registration of a trademark or patent. NOTE: Definitions provided by the Land Registry:
    • a) Trademark: Any sign or combination of signs that makes it possible to distinguish the goods or services of one person from those of another, as these are considered sufficiently distinctive or capable of identifying the goods or services to which they apply versus those of same species or class : $80
    • b) Patent: Concession granted to an invention, by virtue of which the owner acquires the right to exclude other people from the manufacture, use or sale of said invention: $80


  1. For completing letters rogatory or carrying out acts in which the Consul acts as a judicial officer in the consular office, whether to notify a ruling or resolution, summon or acknowledge a signature or document, notify a consignment or resignation or acceptance of a right, opposition to any act or agreement, acceptance or rejection of experts, arbitrators or interpreters or their appointments or other acts of the same kind, for each of them: $30
  2. For acts of the labor, agrarian and family jurisdiction, whether voluntary or contentious: FREE

NOTE: Among these acts are consents for adoption, emancipation, summons, presentation of memorials, declarations, oppositions, requirements, recognition of signatures and documents, reports of experts and interpreters, appointments and recusal of judges , arbitrators or experts, acceptance or repudiation of inheritances, conciliation, granting of bonds, deposit of wills and opening acts, presentation or homologation of arbitration decisions, presentation of oath, appeals, among others


  1. When, at the request of the competent authority, the legalization of certificates of origin, bills of lading (B/L), commercial invoices, air or land guides or other documents associated with the customs declaration is required, for evidentiary purposes in the different administrative or judicial procedures, for each document and its copies: $40 NOTE: The original document is authenticated, leaving a record in the copies that the Consular Fee was paid in the original, using the round seal of the consular office.
  2. When the legalization abroad of certificates of origin, bills of lading (B/L), commercial invoices, air or land guides or other documents associated with the customs declaration is required, as a result of the various investigation processes carried out by state authorities of Costa Rica: FREE