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Cities that will provide Mobile Consular Service for Hondurans?

The government of Honduras announces 8 Mobile Consulates to serve fellow Hondurans in the United States.
Biography of Christopher Nolan
November 13, 2023

Biography of Christopher Nolan

British-American film director known for the successful Batman trilogy (The Dark Knight), Inception and the recent biopic Oppenheimer.

Joe Biden - President USA 2021-2024
November 10, 2023

Presidents and vice presidents of the United States of America

List of presidents and vice presidents of the United States from 1789 to the 2021-2024 presidential term

Biography of Ramon Rosa – Honduran writer and reformer
October 31, 2022

Biography of Ramon Rosa – Honduran writer and reformer

Ramon Rosa was an eloquent writer and speaker who excelled in the genre of essays and biography, he is recognized as the main promoter of the Liberal Reform in Honduras.

Etnias de Honduras

Honduras being a multi-ethnic country and counts among its living culture the Pesh, Tawahkas, Lencas, Tolupanes, Chortís, Garífunas and Miskitos.

These groups are part of history, which despite economic and geopolitical changes have maintained their way of life and vision of the world.

Meet the Ethnic Groups of Honduras – Existing indigenous groups in Honduras
Calendario Cívico Escolar 2023

Eventos, festividades y efemérides a través del año 2023. Días que recuerdan hechos, fechas históricos y logros importantes para el país.

Municipios de Honduras

Conoce los códigos administrativos de los 298 municipios de Honduras.

Cancionero Folklórico Escolar

Lista y letra de canciones folklóricas o costumbristas que forma parte importante de la cultura musical de nuestra Honduras.

Tourism and Travel

ACTIVITIES: Adventure :: Archeology :: Birdwatching :: Diving :: Cultural :: Nature :: Sun and Beach

Roatan the best place to enjoy diving

Roatan the best place to enjoy diving

Roatán is an island embraced by crystal clear waters with calm beaches that invite you to rest and relax in this hidden treasure of Honduras.

Enjoy an archaeological journey in Copan Ruinas

Enjoy an archaeological journey in Copan Ruinas

Experience the ancient mystery that surrounds the ruins of the Ancient Maya, an ancient people that developed a culture that continues to amaze archaeologists today.

Tourism in Tela

Tourism in Tela

Enjoy the richest biodiversity in the Lancetilla Botanical Garden and walk along its beaches while observing a great and rich variety of birds.

Charming Towns in Honduras

Part of the cultural and gastronomic beauty of Honduras is found in its towns, for that reason the Honduran government has decided to declare them as Charming Towns.

AmapalaComayaguaCopán RuinasOjojonaTrujilloValle de Ángeles

Honduras counts in the memory of history with the exploits of great men, who although not perfect, were an example of dedication, courage and love for the country.

Every year when the national celebrations approach in the month of September, they are remembered with the purpose that present and future generations be inspired and learn from their national love for Honduras.

National Flag of Honduras

History of the National Flag of Honduras

It was created by Legislative Decree No. 7, in the city of Comayagua on March 6, 1866.

Know the protocol and use, as well as its meaning, oath, how to turn and duties towards the National Pavilion of Honduras.