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Song to Chimaltenango

Chimaltenango, divine land,
God blessed from heaven,
he put in your fields and on your hills
spring full of sun

From your bowels flow the waters
for your source, so colonial,
two clear rivers flow from them
that they have to reach the two seas.

In your beautiful Nazarene canton
there is a radiant chapel of love,
sublime and blessed shelter in her bosom
a beautiful image, image of God.

Your beautiful women are pretty and beautiful,
like multicolored butterflies,
like fresh and fragrant blossoms,
fragrant buds of a blooming rose bush.

It is your spa Los Aposentos
swan lake, like a white flower
and the corner of La Alameda
a tender paradise love.

Your mild climate, incomparable,
It is a pride that I feel.
Chimaltenango, I worship you
with all my heart and soul.