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Song to Baja Verapaz

Nice and beautiful land of the north,
beautiful Verpaz of the south,
of sultana you have the bearing
with your beautiful hill of «La Cruz».

It is the pool of «Los Coyolares»
in the charm of my Salamá
and gets entangled next to the «Orotapa»
a dream that will blossom

Your hills are immense walls,
as a lighthouse of the Chuitinamit
and your two watchtowers are erected:
«La Picota» and the beautiful «Cajuip».

Beautiful land of beautiful women,
of oranges and the rich «Boshbol»,
where the moon sings between mists
in Cubulco, Granados and El Chol.

Jicaritas painted black,
as deep as flint
they make them, keeping the secret,
the indigenous people of Rabinal.

Saint Jerome, famous land,
as exquisite as Purulhá is,
juicy fruit paradise
the oranges from there in Panima.