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Song to Quiche

Beautiful city of Los Celajes
and the afternoons full of light,
There are beautiful landscapes in your fields,
that beautify you my Holy Cross.

Glorious race, brave Quichés,
populate the kingdom of Utatlán,
brave warriors that he commanded
the great cacique Tecún Umán.

Lemoa Lagoon
and the bath of Pachitac
They are two dream corners
and unparalleled beauty.

I’m going to Chichicastenango,
in the ways of God…
with my guitar singing
the notes of my song

Of Sacapulas, with its salt pans,
the mountains rise up to Nebaj,
juicy reeds next to the Motagua,
sweet oranges in Joyabaj.

In your ways go the Indians
carrying pots for Chajul,
they are basting the mountains
under the charm of the blue sky.

In your sleeping countryside
between the cornfield and beans
spring awakens
and the flower smiles at you

Land of beautiful women,
like the coffee flower,
it is a beautiful garden
my Santa Cruz del Quiché.