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Song to Alta Verapaz

In Cobán I enjoyed
of the charm of its soil,
the beauties that I admired
motivated this song.

I will stay in Cobán
Enjoying of the landscape
and the lovely weather
from Cobán, Imperial City.

admiring its greenery
the reason for the orchid is guessed,
gorgeous white nun
that her soil flourished
and it is our national flower.

And it is in Alta Verapaz
where all the time is spring
and it is known anywhere
which is the cradle of the Quetzal
and that there it flies triumphantly.

my heart feels happy
and with emotion I say Cobán
beautiful land where love and flowers
they always go as a couple.

Where the Quetzal and the White Nun
they made their nest was in Cobán
and with emotion I have dedicated
with love and admiration
this song for Cobán.