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Song to El Progreso

Guastatoya, tender paradise,
sweet little corner of illusion,
your women have the spell
and the mystery for my song.

Guastatoya, the land of the hill
and flower-faced women,
«Warm Water» with its fresh stream
it is a nest of bliss and love.

It is your town celebrate the day
of Esquipulas, your patron saint…
and in the village of «Santa Lucía»
they erect an altar to the virgin,
It is your rich hill of «La Virgen»
a large mineral emporium.

There are a thousand memories in “La Lomita”
of the happy day of San Juan
and at parties there in Santa Rita
«Los Calambres» will also dance.

«Malpais» is a fruit nursery,
always green and mighty looks,
The junction to the route adorns you
and through him I will come to you.