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Song to Peten

Mysterious land, great and legendary,
cradle of the Mayans and the great «Canek»,
there are in your bowels fertile mountains
and a necklace of lakes, my beautiful Petén.

Crystal clear rivers: Las Salinas,
the Mopán, the Hondo and the Passion…
the Usumacinta, wide and mighty,
smilingly intones his old song.

Like the pearl embroidered brooch
that the queen of “Tikal” wore
It is the island of Flores when you see it,
from the top of «Jovitzinal».

I know what your pretty women have
the purity of the “nape”, in flower,
that is why a petenera
She is the owner of all my love.

Legend has it that the Flower of May
emerged from the waters of the great «Chaltun-há»
when the princess was sacrificed,
because she was kidnapped for “Ta-Itzá”.

The fertile islets adorn the lake,
exquisite nymphs and thick tulle;
and there are beautiful little towns on its shores
that kiss the waters of divine blue.

Ducks, seagulls and herons sail,
by the lake, next to Tayasal
and golden pheasants inhabit
your lush tropical jungle.