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Song to Huehuetenango

I sing to my beautiful and beautiful land,
to its flowers and exquisite women,
to its delicious climate, without rival,
to its exquisite sky, without equal,
source of my inspiration
of poetry and song.

And I sing to the beauties of Selegua,
to the tall and peerless Cuchumatanes,
I count the mighty Mam race,
to the ruins where Kaibil Balam
he sang to “Chinabajul”
behind the blue horizon

Huehuetenango of my dreams!
how my heart evokes you…
My beautiful land, how I remember
“Las Marimbitas” and “Zaculeu”,
those afternoons in “Los Pinitos”,
where we sing this song

Huehuetenango, beautiful city!
the beautiful land where I was born
I want to recreate myself with your marimbas
in Tajahuaquish, Chinabajul,
your pretty streets are a mirror
where you look at your blue sky.