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National Symbols of Panama

The Law 34 of 1949 adopts as National Symbols the Flag, the Anthem, and the Coat of Arms and regulates their use, including the amendments of Law 2 of 2012.

The National Symbols represent our history, culture, and heritage both nationally and globally. They are representative elements of a range of historical events of our homeland.

The National Symbols are: The Flag, the National Coat of Arms, and the National Anthem. Since the year 2013, November 4th is commemorated as National Symbols Day.

The National Flag

Divided into four quarters, its beautiful tricolor (blue, red, and white) forms our representative emblem to the world. The first flag of Panama was made by María Ossa de Amador. The white represents peace to build the nation; the blue color represents the conservative party; the red color represents the liberal party. The blue star symbolizes the purity and honesty that govern the civic life of the country; the red star, the authority and law that will impose the empire of these virtues.

The National Coat of Arms

It is a marvelous artistic work by Don Nicanor Villalaz, whose design narrates every event of our history, from Panama’s separation from Colombia on that evening of 1903, as well as the spirit of struggle that has accompanied and accompanies the Panamanian people throughout history. The National Coat of Arms was modified by Law 119 of December 30, 2013, which creates a tenth province in the Republic of Panama and establishes that as of January 1, 2014, ten gold stars will be placed on the National Coat of Arms. On each side of the shield, there are two national flags.

The National Anthem

Its beautiful notes and lyrics express the deepest feelings and ideas of the Panamanian people. The author of the music of the Anthem is Don Santos Jorge Amatriain, and its lyrics by Don Jerónimo Ossa Escobar.

Representative Elements of Panama

  • Flower of the Holy Spirit Peristeria elata (national flower)
  • La Pollera (national costume)
  • Balboa (currency)
  • Harpy Eagle Harpia harpyja (national bird)
  • Panama Tree Sterculia apetala (national tree)

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