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Song to Santa Rosa

How beautiful my Santa Rosa!
Land of dreams and illusion
What a beautiful Ahumado beach!
Where the tumbles become a song.

There are in Las Lisas and Monte Rico
the cool breeze of the wide sea,
gentle seagulls and restless herons
They fly quietly through the canal.

They are your beautiful and beautiful women
in Oratorio and in Ixhuatán,
they are charming in Taxisco,
Chiquimulilla and Guazacapan.

San Juan Tecuaco, they are the most beautiful,
in Barberena they are a beauty;
The most beautiful lives in Cuilapa,
she is the goddess of my song.

In the whisper of the Tecuamburro
the song of the coffee plantation is heard
and in the morning, cool and early
the birds chirp a madrigal.

There is on the bridge of Los Esclavos
old Satan Legend,
The people tell what the devil did
on a stormy night.

Fragrant flowers are the women
in the garden of San Rafael,
in Pueblo Nuevo and its countryside
they are sweet vines full of honey.

They are orange blossoms in El Naranjo,
in El Naranjo de Santa Cruz,
but in Casillas and Santa Rosa
They are little stars full of light.